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The Village To village Guide to The Camino santiago

This is undoubtedly the best and fittingly also the most expensive of Guides on the pilgrimage to Santiago.

The guide takes its inspiration and is dedicated to the work of Elias Valifla Sampedro (1929-1989), who was parish priest of 0 Cebreiro and Doctor of Canon Law of the University of Salamanca, a Scholar and an expert on Compostelan studies. The priest devoted his life to the study of the pilgrimage to Compostela and the publishers have worked hard to bring out this guide for the benefit of all pilgrims.

This new Pilgrim's Guide incorporates the results of thirty years of research and of countless personal journeys along the Camino de Santiago. With the latest update the book is a clear expression of the current situation of the Camino. The format of the Guide and the organisation of its contents are the results of the desire to meet several objectives. The material is divided into four parts: a preliminary section and three others: the guide to the route, with maps, directions for the walker and a succinct commentary; historical and cultural notes on places of particular interest; and a final section on accommodation, associations, etc.

This guide will help the pilgrim to make his journey safely and in the true spirit of the pilgrimage. The size and ease of handling of this volume are also considered to be improvements over the author's earlier guides, and incorporate the suggestions made by pilgrims since 1985. READ EXTRACTS FROM THE BOOK


"This is undoubtedly the best and fittingly also the most expensive of Guides on the pilgrimage to Santiago. One of the most comprehensive guides on the Camino Santiago"

Church News

"I found this book indespensible to my pilgrimage"

Mary Huston writing in New World

Used this book to walk 800km From St Jean France to Santiago, 28 Mar 2004


Reviewer: Mariam Khan (New York) - See all my reviews

I have just finished my Pilgrimage - In the five weeks I used this book to walk the track to Santiago in Spain - I grew quite fond of it - The 220 page book is ring bound and fits compactly into my rucksack.
Every village is mentioned on the 800km way with information on each village, like don't cross this field because of a bull, or this is the village of barking dogs, or in this village the Baker helps Pilgrims or visit Madam Debril in this village near the laundry who likes chatting to pilgrims -
Ninety Five villages and a guide between them - In each village the books lists places to stay and other useful information - The book will suit the budget traveler who walks the Camino because I did the walk on $10 per day, staying in the religious establishments the book mentions often for free. The book also prepares you for the Journey and details exactly what to take, like how much weight, what type of clothes, shoes, how much does food cost, how to do your laundry, dealing with bed bugs, useful Spanish phrases and so on - It also lists places worth visiting as you walk this 800km track and some interesting stories and legends around these places.
There are also things to watch out for and useful tips - The book will mention at many different points legends around the Camino - It is a very detailed book on the 800km route every fork on this path is mentioned example.. the path now climbs for two km, turn right at the church, from the top of the next mountain you will be able to see the following five villages etc..-
I took maps and three other guides with me but after reaching the city of Pamplona to reduce weight I posted the other books back to New York along with my tent and electric stove - the book had warned me not to take the tent & stove -

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"Out of the plethora of guides on the Camino Santiago, this is the guide we recommend as we have found it has for a number of years been widely praised by all who have used it. The much reviewed first edition has been replaced with a new 2nd Edition making this so far the most up to date book on the Camino"

Catholic Times

This book places the pilgrimage both in its historical context and is also indespinsible as a guide for the modern day pilgrim.…

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