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Nelson Madela My Prisoner, My Friend

HISTORY is replete with the misdeeds of man. Cruelty and bestiality are an integral part of his character, no matter what sanctimonious apologists mayke of Gregory's book, Goodbye Bafana. There is a mystery about Bafana, and I won't spoil it by a premature disclosure.

History decreed that the Most Famous Prisoner in the World should become the first nationally and internationally respected President of a free South Africa.

As President, the ever gracious and considerate Mandela never forgot his friend and jailer, James Gregory, who personally invited by the Nelson to the opening of the country's first non-racial parliament and also to the President's inauguration.

It may on the surface be Uhuru for South Africa. Far from it, for the black economically disenfranchised of the South African earth are still in the same wretched condition. Gregory's book does not discuss this aspect of post-independent South Africa, but his simple and moving description of some of the more bizarre aspects of life under under apartheid, with the total and complete denial of the most basic human rights to the black owners of the soil., enable the reader to understand the something of the nature of the monumental tragedy which continues, and will continue, to haunt South Africa for several decades more This is a warm, human and deeply moving book, and you will be the poorer for not reading it.

GOODBYE BAFANA, Nelson Madela My Prisoner, My Friend by James Gregory is published by HEADLINE Pounds 17.99.

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  1. Where is Victor Verster prison? State clearly the name of the town near which it is situated.
  2. The South African ambassador to Italy is the sister of the the Speaker of the S.A. parliament, an appointment which sparked off allegations of nepotism. Name both the speaker and the Ambassador and also the country to which she has been posted.