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The incomparable British Designed and made Jaguar

The Telegraph ON-LINE has tested a range of Jaguar models on British and European roads. While some other manufacturers have run into rough weather, the Jaguar Company is riding high. We reveal the qualities and characteristics and the technological marvels that are responsible for the inexorable world-wide rise, rise and rise of a most extraordinary car.  

Gone are the days of  Steerage Class Discomfort!

In its own antedeluvian age, the motoring industry was contemptuously indifferent to safety. As for comfort, why bother when you had a solid body and a sound engine. Ergonomics was alien to their dictionary. The  motoring writers were also blissfully ignorant. There has been a seismic change in the last decade and a half. We report on the delightful phenomenon of comfort cars and focus on some of Ford's towering achievements in this area. 


Nissan’s Revised Micra and the Alluring All-New Almera

 Let’s not be distracted by the riveting Nissan socio-economic saga currently occupying big chunks of the business section of the national press, vital though this may be to British jobs. Equally important is the fact that they continue to make some extremely good cars. This is what makes Nissan a priceless British asset. Below the Telegraph-On Line’s impressions of the Nissan motoring experience.

Urbane and refined, and delightful performers we review two cars from Daewoo.

We have just completed roads tests on the Matiz and the Leganza.  We reported on the merits of the Matiz a year ago and predicted that it would be a hit. This beguiling car, as cuddly as a child’s teddy bar, is now the second best seller in its division, just behind Ford’s elegant and marvelously maneuverable Ka. 

The Felicitous Fiesta

The Fiesta is an enduring favorite. Wherein lies its singular charm? Robert Govender and Raza Jafa in anticipation of your penetrating questions review the Ford Fiesta. The imperious and ruthless Henry Ford treated his customers with disdain - modern Ford treat the consumer with greater respect, as is delightfully evident from the rainbow elegance of the new Fiesta. 

The Audacious Audi A6

Taking their cue from the Americans,  German experts rationally suggested that a town called Wuppertal, ailing economically, import Indian computer wunderkinds. Ignorant  xenophobes reacted furiously, "Is it being suggested that we are inferior to the Indians?" The Telegraph and the New World think otherwise. We can cite many examples of German genius, including the irreproachable mechanical and technological excellence of  the Audi Quattro reviewed here.  

 What makes the Chevrolet Corvette the World’s best-selling Sports Car?

So you are surprised that the world’s best selling sports car is not Japanese or German, but quintessentially American. Frankly, I myself, in common with some of my colleagues at the Corvette launch in the French Riviera, were not au fait with this palatable fact. There would have been cause for anti-American envy a few years back, but this has given way, albeit reluctantly, to an acceptance that without the formidable American industrial presence here, especially in motor manufacture, the British economy would be the poorer.

Blind visionary is driving force at BMW:

From bicycles, saucepans and farming implements to "sexy, upmarket" cars these products are built under the leadership of BMW's blind disabled COE who is blind - Telegraph Online's Motoring Correspondent conflates a road test report on the 540i with a fascinating glimpse of the post-war recovery of the company.

VW Caravelle: Just the Job For Addicts of the Nietzschean Work and Pleasure Principle

THE Volkswagen Caravelle may not have been consciously designed with the disabled person in mind. That would have been uncanny prescience, better left to the realm of metaphysical speculation, but there is no doubt the Caravelle's makers have got it right. Robert Govender takes the Caravelle for a good, hard and exacting ride.

Daewoo's Munificence does not extend to disabled people in Britain

Disabled people are proportionally through motability among the biggest buyers of brand new cars in this country accounting for more than 8% of cars bought. Yet, apart from the giants like Ford and Vauxhall, and commercially astute newcomers like Proton, the disability media is excluded from most car advertising budgets. However fatuous their advertising policy may be, we cannot, though the temptation to so do is irresistible, slam their products. Strictly on merit, their cars pass the most stringent tests

A Car for the Big Minded!

Govender goes to Glasgow for the launch of the Fiesta Si and Ghia

IF you want to win friends and influence people, as Dale Carnegie implied, you have to be a devious flatterer and a sly hypocrite. Ford must be one of the few motor companies in the world to scornfully ignore this tatty and tacky rule. They state boldly that their newest Fieastas are "not for the small minded." Clearly, dear reader, you do not fit into that petty, puny and puerile category, so read on!

AN UNORTHODOX VIEW: Loadsa Space for the family

IT was definitely not the most authoritative of surveys, but the Evening Standard's recent light-hearted, though not entirely facetious Prestige Poll of Cars, does suggest that car buyers are not as conformist and as easily indoctrinated as is commonly assumed. New World Motoring Editor Robert Govender, who endorses this view, contends in his test report on the Volvo 850 that this basic good sense of the average British car buyer also does justice to the Volvo.

Now you may be able to drive even though you may be a hundred years old!

WHILE the Chairman of Ford has of late been elaborating on his pet theory that Asian motor manufacturers, especially the free-spending and ambitious Koreans are not only a threat to the American and European motor industry but are also undermining Western standards of living, he has not forgotten a golden rule. While it is tactically necessary to warn your people of the consequences of unfettered competition from the arrivistes, you must also never let your own guard down.

Malaysia's Proton pleases the customer more than the Merc, the BMW, the S- b and the Jaguar

While Toyota was first, followed by Honda, with the Malaysian-made Proton, one of the best sellers in the British market, tied with Mazda for third place. Behind them come Daihatsu, Hyundai, Skoda, Isuzu, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, S- b, BMW and Jaguar.

Small car big heart

While the ability to drive sensibly, which generally comes from many years of experience or precocious maturity, is of vital importance - even more important is the Darwinian capability of a particular species of car not only to survive but also to thrive in an age when the competition is also in the "fittest" category.. The stately dignity, the awesome power, the elegant but utilitarian design, the thoughtful and imaginative safety attributes, and the astonishing stability of the Audi A3 more than adequately meet the rigid Darwinian test for immortality.

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