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Nissan gives $200,000 to refugees

Nissan Motor is to donate $200,000 to help displaced victims of the conflict in Lebanon, the ancestral home of Carlos Ghosn, the car maker's chief executive.

It is not unsual for companies to pledge aid in humanitarian crises such as earthquakes and other natural disasters, but it happens rarely when it involves a politically charged environment.
A spokesman for Nissan said: "We recognise that there may be some level of risk in making donations when the situation is political, but from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility, we concluded that this was a just cause."
A Nissan official said the decision was initiated by the company's Corporate Citizenship Team, which concluded that the social impact of the conflict in Lebanon warranted the aid, especially because it involved many children.
Nissan said that the money would be donated to organisations that specifically help refugees.
Ghosn, who also heads Nissan's partner, Renault SA, is a naturalised Frenchman born in Brazil, but spent his formative years in Lebanon. Ghosn's parents are of Lebanese descent.


micra Sport

Nissan's Micra has a new flagship, the 110PS Sport SR that was designed, engineered and is being built in the UK.  It was launched at the British International Motor Show along with the rest of a new Micra line-up.


The Range Rover 2007 seen for the first time in the UK

Improvements to Land Rover’s flagship include a revised cabin design and a host of technical upgrades.

Kia Carens makes its UK premiere at the British International Motor Show

Designed and built with British and European drivers in mind, the new Carens has thrown off its previously conservative appearance and is now new, fresh, exciting – and bursting with brilliant ideas

The New Kai Sedona: Not another Boring MPV

By any yardstick, the Kia Sedona has been a huge success. It has consistently been the second best-selling large MPV in the UK

Tough RiderThe Sorento pulls no punches

The 2.5 litre CRDi VGT will be available late summer and the 3.3 litre V6 available at the end of 2006.

Geneva Shows preview for Ford's exciting new Focus Coupé-Cabriolet

Coupé-Cabriolet combines Italian style with practicality and Focus driving quality First European Ford with a power folding hardtop Two-piece electric retractable roof turns coupé into cabriolet in seconds at the touch of a button

Alfa Spider wins Geneva Motor Show Award

The new Alfa Spider, which has just made its international public debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, has collected its first award - Cabrio of the Year 2006 - from a 23-strong panel of leading motoring writers from 12 countries across ...........

The incomparable British Designed and made Jaguar

The Telegraph ON-LINE has tested a range of Jaguar models on British and European roads. While some other manufacturers have run into rough weather, the Jaguar Company is riding high. We reveal the qualities and characteristics and the technological marvels that are responsible for the inexorable world-wide rise, rise and rise of a most extraordinary car.  

Gone are the days of  Steerage Class Discomfort!

In its own antedeluvian age, the motoring industry was contemptuously indifferent to safety. As for comfort, why bother when you had a solid body and a sound engine. Ergonomics was alien to their dictionary. The  motoring writers were also blissfully ignorant. There has been a seismic change in the last decade and a half. We report on the delightful phenomenon of comfort cars and focus on some of Ford's towering achievements in this area. 

The Felicitous Fiesta

The Fiesta is an enduring favorite. Wherein lies its singular charm? Robert Govender and Raza Jafa in anticipation of your penetrating questions review the Ford Fiesta. The imperious and ruthless Henry Ford treated his customers with disdain - modern Ford treat the consumer with greater respect, as is delightfully evident from the rainbow elegance of the new Fiesta. .  

 What makes the Chevrolet Corvette the World’s best-selling Sports Car?

So you are surprised that the world’s best selling sports car is not Japanese or German, but quintessentially American. Frankly, I myself, in common with some of my colleagues at the Corvette launch in the French Riviera, were not au fait with this palatable fact. There would have been cause for anti-American envy a few years back, but this has given way, albeit reluctantly, to an acceptance that without the formidable American industrial presence here, especially in motor manufacture, the British economy would be the poorer.









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